Memorial Ts

It's an old article, but I thought this story onThe Growing Popularity of the Memorial T-shirt was interesting.

A lot of my clients wear these t-shirts, and I started noticing them a few years ago in the urban area where I went to law school.

It always just makes me think - what's up with that? To me, t-shirts are for concerts, not funerals.

I guess another, more morbid question is - when I die, would I want my picture on a t-shirt? I've decided that nah, I don't really think a t-shirt is the way that I want to be remembered.

Put that in your living will - no t-shirts.

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  1. I've seen those memorial t-shirts. Interestingly, I thought it was just a "black thang" . . . didn't know other people did it, too. Well, no matter who does it I think it's TACKY!