Lying Liars

So, I hope this doesn't make me a voyeur or something, but I really wanted to read the Scott and Amber transcripts. I started to read them, but I just didn't have the time. Those two talk a lot.

I do know one thing though, if Scott wasn't faking a bad connection ("What? What? Must be a bad connection... Can't hear you... I'm hanging up") he definitely needs a new cell phone provider. There is no excuse. I wouldn't date a guy who was always saying, "Can you hear me now?" It just doesn't make for very good communication.

Then again, he was probably faking it. He also had a whole elaborate "I'm in Paris for New Year's" thing. "It'll be 9:00 o'clock here in the morning and I'm gonna try and call you back on your New Year's," when really he was in the same state as her.

Which kind of reminds me of Mark Hacking. Here's my advice to men who are thinking of killing their wives - don't lie about more than you have to. I mean, sure, you want to deny the murder and keep yourself out of jail, but you don't need to invent trips to Paris or going to medical school. These things are totally traceable and you're just going to make yourself look like a liar.

And don't talk so much on the phone. Sheeesh, don't you have better things to do with your time?

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