Going to White Castle

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle was SO funny.

I also enjoyed this article, which gives us the truth behind New Jersey geography and White Castle locations.

Ok, so I'll admit... I've never tried a White Castle burger. There used to be a White Castle not too far from our house, but my dad said that the burgers would give you a "stomach ache." That's warning enough for me.


  1. Yes, if you eat too much at the Castle it will sit in your stomache like a brick. And, as cheap as they are, I shudder to think what the ingredients are.

    All that said, I still stop and get some every time I go to Kentucky or Ohio. Not sure why - something about them is just so addictive.

  2. Exactly. You've got to be at least a little skeptical when people food costs less than dog food. (Another thing my father taught me, actually.)