Back to School Time

Remember how I said I was going to be a fantastic summer intern mentor? Well, I was. So fantastic, in fact, that my summer intern bought me a little pink gift on her last day. See, I get through to people.

Now I'm working with a law student on a case. The case had been hers while she was an intern and it was transferred to me at the end of the summer. She had written in her closing memo on the case that she would be interested in continuing to help with the case if she could. I called and left her a message the other day, letting her know that I wanted to chat about the case. She called me back and asked for "Miss [Justice]." Ha!

Now, sometimes my clients call me Miss or Ms. (and once, even, Mrs., but only once) and I don't stop them because I think it's preferable to clients who call me "Hey lady," or "Hey Lawyer."

But having a law student call me "Miss" was just weird. I mean, I was just a law student last year!

Which got me to thinking, when I first started my job last September, clients would sometimes comment on me being young, saying things like "Are you finished with law school?" or "Damn! You the youngest lawyer I ever seen!" And now they don't mention it anymore. In fact, just this week I got the letter adressed to Mrs. [Justice] that I mentioned above.

So, what's up with that? I've decided that it's not because I'm looking that much older. (Still no gray hairs!) It must be the confidence that I've developed in the courtroom. Yeah, it must be that.

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