TV Time

Time to talk about TV...

First off, I'm really enjoying Simple Life 2: Road Trip. The most surprising thing though, is how much I like Nicole Richie. I enjoyed the first season of Simple Life and thought Paris Hilton stole the show and I didn't really notice Nicole Richie too much. I really liked checking out Paris's clothes and how she was just SO clueless - Nicole seems to have had a little more exposure to the real world. But this season, I just think Nicole is great. First, she's got this great dog, that looks just like my parents' dog. Second, episode after episode she's proven herself to be clever, confident, and supportive of her friends. Plus, she doesn't take any shit from anybody. Two weeks ago, when the one boy in the household called Paris stupid, I respected that she was quick to stand up for her best friend (and got him back in the end). This past week, I loved how the boy came over to date the little girl in the house and she gave him such a great lecture. Go Nicole!

Second, it's total fluff, but I'm really digging The Ashlee Simpson Show. The one thing I'm always left wondering, though, is what's up with their mother? (For those who don't know, Ashlee is Jessica Simpson's little sister.) I mean, the mother lives in Texas, right? But she's in pretty much every episode of Ashlee and of the Newlyweds. But, anyway, as far as Ashlee goes, she's fun to watch.

And then, there's some good quality summer programming. Such as Monk(best show currently on TV), Crime & Punishment (don't worry, I'm sure someday I'll end up writing an entire post on L&O:C&P), and Amazing Race (definitely the most exciting show of the summer). I'm still on the fence about Fox's The Jury, but I'll keep watching and see if it gets better.

And I'm hooked on watched another show every day now, but I don't want to say anything more or I might jinx it.

Thank goodness for Tivo, or I'd never get out to see the summer sun...

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