Hair Today

The boyfriend and I are walking down the street when I see a girl jogging toward us.  For a split second, I think that it's a friend of mine (we'll call her "Jen"), until I notice that the jogger has a long ponytail bouncing back and forth behind her.  "Nope, not Jen," I think, since Jen's hair isn't quite that long (or, at least not that I can remember).

The girl jogs up to us and says hello.  On closer inspection, it is Jen.  I didn't want her to think that I was ignoring her and walking past her, so I try to explain by saying, "I didn't recognize you.  I didn't realize your hair was so long."  She just kind of says "yeah," and asks how we're doing.  (I wonder if maybe she doesn't buy my "I didn't recognize you" line.)

We chat for a minute or two, about the weather, about work.  The conversation is rushed - I don't want to keep her from her run.  And before we part ways I mention her hair again.  Again, I really didn't want her to think that I had been ignoring her.  So, I say, "I can't believe your hair has gotten so long."  And she responds, "Yeah, it's like a weed."

The boyfriend say goodbye and walk away.  After we cross the street, the boyfriend asks me "What did that mean?" 

"Like a weed?  It means something that's growing fast.  Like, if a kid gets suddenly taller you can say he's growing like a weed."

And my boyfriend responds, "Weed?  I thought she said weave." 

And when I think about it, he's probably right.  That would explain why her hair went from shoulder-length to superlong so quickly.  So, walking home, I felt bad that I had asked her twice about her hair.  I really only mentioned it twice because I was confused about not recognizing her.  Still, I felt embarassed - weaves are supposed to look natural, not make your friends question you. 

I asked myself, as I so often do when difficult situations present themselves, "What would Elle do?"  (Or, "WWED?" when I'm in a hurry.)  Then I realized, Elle would have recognized a weave.

But, then, just as Elle would, I saw the bright side of things: at least I didn't ask her about her boobs. 

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