...Gone Tomorrow

I forgot to mention. I saw the friend ("Jen") again today. And her hair was short again (well, shoulder-length, like it was before). Now, either she got her hair cut (after all, it was growing like a weed), or it was a weave or some kind of hair extension. And, I sort of thought that maybe it was sort of a clip-on ponytail thing... but why would you wear that to go jogging?

The boyfriend and I have one theory. Maybe there's a guy she's trying to pick up along her jogging route. A theory, but no real answers.

Just thought I should give an update, see if anyone out there has anything to add.

(p.s. Once again, I did not mention her boob size.)


  1. Very intersting theory...but would happen if she picked the guy up? Wouldn't he find out about her weave sooner or later, or would she simply get a "haircut" before being found out?

  2. There was a girl in law scholl who used to wear a fake ponytail. Gotta admit it made her look much cuter but it was kinda creepy.