Fairy Tale Wedding

A good friend of mine from way back got married today. She's a wonderful and beautiful person, and she married a great guy who loves her very much. I've known each of them for a long time, and I've also known them as a couple for a long time. I've never known a couple that loves each other as much as they do.

Anyway, my friend finally got married today (they've been engaged for a very long time). And at the reception she told me this story:

Between the wedding and the reception, they stopped at a park to take pictures. At the park there was a little girl walking with her mother.

The little girl saw my friend, the bride, and turned to her mother and said "Mommy, look, a princess!"

Her mother told her that she could go say hello.

(Maybe at this point I should mention that my friend is, besides being very patient and loving to her fiance, also wonderful with children.) The little girl came up to my friend . . . and greeted her with a curtsy.

I cannot think of any couple that deserves to live happily ever after more than they do.

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