Weekend Plans

Friday Night, bedtime:
  • Make sure the A/C is set to keep the bedroom nice and cool all night.
  • Turn off the alarm clock so that it won't go off at the crazy hour it was set at for the past 5 days.
  • Close all of the curtains tight.
  • Turn the cell phone to silent, take the home phone off the hook. (Mom likes to call early).

    Saturday morning, 4 a.m.:
  • Come home.
  • Put on really heavy-soled shoes on.
  • Jump up and down in bedroom. Loudly.
  • Open up a bag of bricks, dump it on the floor. Loudly.
  • Take really heavy loud things, thrown them on floor. Loudly.
  • Re-arrange furniture, dragging it as you go. Loudly.
  • Continue until person downstairs decides its best to just get up and watch tv.

    Now, here's a game for my readers. One of these is a list of my activities. One of these is a list of activities performed by the man that lives upstairs from me. Guess which one belongs to each.
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    1. Hello Blonde Justice,

      I would have gone upstairs and given him one heads-up to cut the noise. If it continued, I would call the police.

      I hope he just didn't realize the effects his actions would have on his downstairs neighbors.


      Jeff Deutsch