Want a Pickle with that Ham Sandwich?

Today's NY Times has a good story today about putting your client in the grand jury, and having them beat it:
New Trend Before Grand Juries: Meet the Accused

Of course, I think most defense attorneys don't do this too often - you need a good articulate client with a convincing story - and even then, you've given away your defense if he ends up indicted. But, if it works, it sure saves everyone a lot of time.


  1. Unless you're in a State where the prosecutor can just go back and try again if the first grand jury refuses to true bill.

    Gotta luv Virginia.

  2. Wow. Really no point in trying then, is there? Would you ever put a client in?

  3. No. On of the first lessons learned in Va. is that if you actually have a defense you should hold it in reserve as long as possible and spring it at trial. Formal discovery is almost non-existent here so both sides play these games.