Mail Fraud (part 2)

So, I just figured I'd update everyone on the whole credit card fraud fiasco.

The prosecutor has decided not to go after the 2 girls involved - supposedly because the amount wasn't great enough. Interesting, because in the city where I work, I see cases prosecuted for a lot less.

And, they've decided not to arrest the man involved - because there's not enough evidence to connect him to the whole scheme. The only evidence would be the testimony of the 2 girls. Who, of course, could be "convinced" to testify. Again, interesting. I've seen cases go forward on a lot less.

So, I guess that's the end of it. And I was looking forward to being a prosecution witness.


  1. Don't feel too bad. My wife and I are prosecutors and we live in the jurisdiction where we work. When our identities were stolen, nobody would investigate because the amount was too small. We even had the person's phone number: he/she used it to access the ISP account he/she set up with our credit card. Alas.

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  4. Hello Blonde Justice,

    Oh dear - in what jurisdiction is stealing $6,000 not a felony?

    Maybe the credit card company and your bank (the only entities which could have lost money) decided it wasn't worth the time and hassle to bring the case?

    Maybe somebody in the DA's office and/or the police department really has some kind of personal vendetta against you, presumably as a result of some encounter with you in the line of duty?

    I'm sorry things ended like that. If I were in your place I would have wanted to see those thieves prosecuted and jailed.


    Jeff Deutsch