It's a Dangerous Job...

Who knew being a court appointed attorney was so dangerous?

Here's yet another story of a criminal defendant punching his lawyer.

The result? A mistrial and he gets a new attorney appointed. Even as a defense attorney, this doesn't quite seem fair to me. (Maybe because I wouldn't want to be the next lawyer to sit next to him.)

And as we all know from reading CrimLaw, in some states punching your defense attorney means you lose your right to appointed counsel.

It'd be classic if the attorney got to punch him back. The bailiff could hold him down and the judge could look the other way. Or, maybe the judge would be busy under his robe...


  1. Hmm . . . I'd really like to know the back story on that.

    To date I've never had a client hit me. However, I've had a few tell the judge what a terrible lawyer I am. Usually I suck eggs because I've informed him that a jury is not going to believe his story over that of the police officer he confessed to and the three nuns who saw him rob the convenience store. A "paid lawyer" would make the prosecutor see the light and drop this all down to a misdemeanor.

  2. Hey, at least they compare you to a "paid lawyer" and not just "a lawyer."

    As in, "Wow, this case is serious. Maybe I should get a lawyer."