Feeling Itchy

Excerpt From An Actual Conversation Held In My Office This Afternoon

me: (handing a file to co-worker) So, what's up with this client?
co-worker: Oh, this guy... he has scabies. And he probably gave them to me.

Quickly, I look up scabies on webmd.com.

me (reading aloud): Scabies is a very itchy skin condition caused by tiny mites that burrow into the outer layers of the skin.
co-worker: Shit, that's what I got.
co-worker number 2: It's a mite? It's not a parasite?
me: I don't know, this is what it says.
co-worker number 2: Go to wikipedia.org and look it up.

So, I do that. And find this, which I read aloud...

me: The mite prefers to live on the hands and feet, the buttocks, genitals...
co-worker possible infected with scabies: Oh, man. Those are my favorite parts.


And now we're all off to the drinking spot to celebrate a first trial win by yet another co-worker (who, to our knowledge, is not infected by anything).

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  1. And then comes the day when the local health department calls and tells you that the client you've been dealing with for the last two months (the one with the really bad cold) has TB and is contagious so they are quarantining him. Boy that's a fun day, let me tell you.

    The only good thing that came of it was that after he was declared uncontagious by the Doctor we went back to court and the judge and prosecutor wanted him out of the courtroom so badly that he got all suspended time instead of the year+ he should have gotten.

    And, oh yeah, my test was negative.