Anas - Hot or Not?

Ok, this isn't law related in any sense (at least not that I could think of), but I just had to vent...

As everyone knows by now, Mary-Kate has entered the hospital with a "health issue" (also known as anorexia).

Now, here's the problem. I feel like you don't have to be a genius to know she had an eating disorder. You just had to look at her. Did you see them host SNL? One of them, who I'm now assuming was Mary-Kate, looked particularly boney.

And just a few weeks ago, all the talk was about how hot they were and when they would be legal. For example, this article refers to the twins as "jailbait no more" and chorincles websites that counted down to their 18th birthdays. There were literally hundreds of these countdown websites.

My point is, guys think this is hot? Guys want girls with their ribcages sticking out of their backs? Guys want girls who have issues with everything they eat?

And if you ask guys, they say they're interested in healthy women without issues. But this is undisputable evidence that a girl that guys thought was so hot was, in fact, anorexic.

What's up with that?


  1. I think their hotness was less about their skinniness and more about the "forbidden fruit" angle of their young age and sexpot marketing. Men watched them grow from really bizarre looking little girls to attractive (although dangerously underweight) young adults who were tarted up like Sunset Strip hookers and paraded before a drooling public but _just out of reach_ because they weren't 18 yet.

    I'd be fucking anorexic, too.


  2. No. Men find girls with emotional problems to be annoying, but sometimes a necessary evil. If a girl has ever been to a shrink, for most men, she is not worth the trouble.

  3. Just in response to frm's comment ~ I'm not sure if this makes it better or worse. Guys want a girl because she's underage and/or illegal? That, too, seems a little sick to me.

    If that's true, we should have seen a drop-off in their popularity level once they became 18. There was a lot of speculation that they might pose for Playboy when they turned 18 - but they have a bajillion dollars, why would they need to? The point is moot now, there was no drop-off in their popularity but we'll never know if it was because they turned 18 or because one of the twins landed herself in the hospital.

    And I thought more men would be defending themselves...

  4. Most guys do not find women with eating d/o's hot. Not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but from having to deal with them emotionally, as well. It is not a pretty sight.