Almost Famous

My office does something great. Someone (I don't know who, maybe a little elf or something), goes through all of the new case law and decisions that come out and culls the cases most important to our practice, and puts it in a neat little legal-size packet, and puts it in everyone's mailbox. Sometimes it's U.S. Supreme Court cases, sometimes appellate decisions, mostly there are local decisions. They write a headline, which breaks down the holding into one sentence, then a paragraph or two that describes in a little more detail the facts and the holding, and then pastes a copy of the decision. Convenient, right?

I've had cases dismissed before, but always orally. And I've received written decisions before, but they were always denying my motion to dismiss. Last month, I got my first positive written decision on a motion to dismiss.

And there it was, in this week's summary. MY case. And underneath the summary paragraph, MY name: [Blonde Justice] represented the defendant.

WOO HOO! Today, case summaries. Tomorrow, Westlaw. I'm working my way up there.

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  1. I'm so excited to see you have SnarkSpot on your list of links. I LOVE Good in Bed, my favorite book ever. I have to remember to put up a list as well. Good choice :)