Training For What?

I've been busy with work - last week I went on a big trip to the big house and today I was in court all day.

Thus, I haven't felt like I've had too many interesting things to write about. So, I'll tell a little story that I've been saving for a while.

A few months back, my boyfriend and I were headed home, walking through the city, when he started complaining that he really need to use the bathroom. We discussed whether we should head to my office (which was a few blocks away), or try to find a public restroom - in a fast food joint, for example. We happened past a donut shop which looked rather clean. Small but clean. As we entered, we realized that despite looking small from the front, the back of the donut shop has a quite large seating area in the back. We head toward the back, looking for the restroom, when, what do we see?

Believe it or not...

An entire class of police recruits. Holding class (or some type of training) in the donut shop.

I kid you not.

(p.s. I found this photo when doing "research" for this blog post.)

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