No Trial, But Check Out My Links

In case you're wondering, that trial that I thought might happen today, didn't. I have another one scheduled for tomorrow, but I highly doubt that one will happen either.

It seems that when trials are set in criminal court (at least where I practice), they never happen on the first trial date. It's as if that isn't even something to be considered. I don't know what the D.A's think that first trial date is for - I guess just a reason for my client to take a day off of work and come to court. Because, you know what they say, if you can't put them get someone convicted, at least make them lose their job. But that's a whole 'nother rant. Back to the first trial date.

Apparently, it's something that's just understood. For example, this would be a typical conversation in my office:
"How about Wednesday, could you work for me on Wednesday?"
"Well, I have a case on for trial."
"Is it the first time on for trial?"
"Ok, then you can do it."

So, anyway, no trial today. Probably no trial tomorrow either. But, I did update my "Blogs I Read" links.

Which leads me to my request. It seems that when you do a google search for "Blonde Justice" the results are all links to a porn movie of the same name. My understanding of google is that the way to correct that is to have more links pointing to my blog.

Here's my shameless self-promotion. Link to me, please. So that people find my blog instead of porn. Thanks.


  1. What about speedy trial concerns?

  2. Thanks so much for my first link! As for speedy trial time, they almost always have enough time even after they miss the first trial date. So, in their mind, it's far better to keep dragging someone back to court. (DAs claim it's because they have such a heavy caseload - but their caseload be lighter if they would just make better offers or take things to trial.)

    Thanks again for the link. Soon I'll outrank the porn on google!

  3. Douglas Adams called that a mutual excluson - a number which is defined as being anything except for itself. OF course, he used it in the context of the number of people showing up at a restaurant compared to the number of reservations, but the principle is the same.

    And yes, it did take me a long time to find this blog, and I am starting at the beginning! Thank your friend the Namby Pamby attorney for commenting about you so frequently...