Summer Breeze

I forgot to mention - I'll be getting a summer intern next week!

I am so excited. I am going to be a fantastic summer intern mentor. I was a summer intern just a few years ago, so I remember how it was. Maybe I can even start a "snap cup" or something. (Oh, don't act like you don't know what a snap cup is!)

And... his or her first assignment? To find out whether the circus was in town on a particular date. Seriously. It was either that or go interview everyone at a teen gay/lesbian/bi/transgender center.

So, I'll keep you posted on the intern thing. In the meantime, it's Memorial Day Weekend so I'm off to do something fun.

Have a good weekend, keep linking to me, and I'll see you next week.

Freedom Fridays

Got this email, figured I'd pass it along. Feel *free* to join in or pass it along. (Ha ha, like my pun?)

My name is Nadia Jensen and I have an idea for a quiet revolution. Please take 5 minutes to read my email and then help me if you can:

There is some history behind this idea:
When Norway was occupied by Germany in 1940, Norwegian women began to knit RED caps for children as a way of letting everyone know that they did not like what was happening in their country, that they didn't like having their freedom taken away by the Nazis. My great aunt, Karin Knudson Myrstad, was one of the women who knit red caps for her children and others.

Similarly, in Denmark, women knit red-white-and blue caps (colors of the Allies) for the very same reason.

The result was that whenever Norwegians and Danes left their homes -- to go to the store, to work, etc, they could see that THE MAJORITY opposed what was going on in their country. As you know, both countries organized effective Resistance efforts and changed history -- everything that happened began simply by wearing red!!!! (or the colors of the Allies, in Denmark).

1. BACKGROUND: I believe, as many of us do, that at the very heart of our democracy is our right to oppose certain policies of our government. Increasingly, our Government is defining "freedom" in ways that make too many Americans perceive that it is risky to oppose the administration's policy? -- and, in particular, current inroads about individual freedoms and policies in the U.S. and abroad. However, many of us DO oppose what our government is doing to individual rights -- and I have an idea that will allow all of us to recognize each other very easily so we can see that WE ARE THE MAJORITY.

2. SO... I have been thinking that it's time to take action in a way that is effective and easy for all of us to do: Just wear red every Friday between now and election day.

Wear a little or a lot-- just be sure that when you leave your house to go about your day -- to work, to school, to the store, to the gas station, wherever you go in your daily routine -- that everyone who sees you will see that you are wearing red because you believe in freedom and you don't agree with our current administration's policies at home and abroad.

We really hope that we'll see that lots of us wearing red for freedom -- because WE ARE THE MAJORITY. We just need a way to show each other who we are!!!

Between now and election day, ask everyone you know to wear red for "Freedom Fridays".

3. I have already spread the word to friends and have had a very enthusiastic response. This email has been forwarded around the country by many who receive it - feel free to send in on to your friends and co-workers.

Price of Gas

Saw this photo on Yahoo, thought it was funny enough to share...

Oh, and I got a new link: Will Work for Favorable Dicta. This has also allowed me to find another great blog. And I'm well on my way to outranking the "blonde justice" porn. Remember, every link counts. If you're not linking to me, you're letting the terrorists and pornographers win.

Bowl Envy

I need these lilac mixing bowls. I think they come in pink also, but I can't find the pink on the Williams-Sonoma website. But the purple are pretty. And I love the matching spatulas. Actually, I need a wedding gift for this weekend. A trip to Williams-Sonoma might be in order.

(And did you see the matching spatulas? Whoa.)

Thanks to not martha for opening my eyes - I had no idea how badly I needed pretty colored bowls.

Also, right now the kitchen has a cobalt blue theme going. Do you think getting pretty purple bowls would mess that up? Opinions, please, people.

50 Worst Songs Ever

I saw this on a few other blogs and decided to copy it. You're supposed to paste the 50 Worst Songs of All Time (according to and then put in bold the songs that you'll actually admit liking. I've added comments too, because I figured you might care.

50. C√ČLINE DION - “My Heart Will Go On” 1998. How can this only be #50? I'm hoping to see a lot more Celine on this list...
49. RIGHT SAID FRED - “I’m Too Sexy” 1992. Yeah, ok, I liked this in a "I listened to it, it was funny, I didn't need to hear it again" sort of way. But not in a put-it-in-bold-because-I-liked-it-and-how-dare-they-say-it-sucks sort of way.
48. THE BEATLES - “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” 1968.
Before my time, but I got to know it as the theme song to the TV show "Life Goes On." And I found it to be cute and catchy. And why you gotta diss The Beatles?
47. BRYAN ADAMS - “The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You” 1996. I don't really recall this song, but it sounds like it would suck.
46. NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK - “Hangin’ Tough” 1989. I've gotta admit that I love the New Kids. Especially Joey, he was the cute one.
45. JA RULE FEAT. ASHANTI - “Mesmerize” 2002. I don't remember this one either, which sounds like a good thing.
44. MEATLOAF - “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” 1993. Nope. Let's stick to Paradise by the Dashboard Light, shall we?
43. UNCLE KRACKER - “Follow Me” 2000.
I thought it was catchy. Not deep or anything, just catchy enough.
42. SIMON & GARFUNKEL - “The Sounds of Silence” 1965.
41. BILLY JOEL - “We Didn’t Start the Fire” 1989.

40. COLOR ME BADD - “I Wanna Sex You Up” 1991. I remember that my friend and I liked this song so much that we would call each other everytime it came on mtv or the radio. Which was every 6 seconds.
39. RICKY MARTIN - “She Bangs” 2000.
38. REDNEX - “Cotton Eye Joe” 1995. I really can't stand this song.
37. GERARDO - “Rico Suave” 1991.
36. MASTER P FEAT. SILKK, FIEND, MIA-X AND MYSTIKAL - “Make Em Say Uhh!” 1998. It's not like I'm crazy about it, but it doesn't belong on the Worst Songs list - there is much worse out there.
35. R.E.M. - “Shiny Happy People” 1991. I love R.E.M., but this song was lame.
34. DAN FOGELBERG - “Longer” 1979. No Clue.
33. AQUA - “Barbie Girl” 1997. Awful song, but incredibly catchy.
32. WILL SMITH - “Will 2K” 1999. Not Will's best.
31. CRASH TEST DUMMIES - “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” 1994. Laughably awful.

30. WHITNEY HOUSTON - “Greatest Love Of All” 1986. I seem to remember singing this at my kindergarten graduation or something, but if it was from 1986 I guess that's just not possible.
29. DEEP BLUE SOMETHING - “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” 1995. What's wrong with this song? It made me rent Breakfast at Tiffany's, which I liked. At least that's one thing we've got.
28. JOHN MAYER - “Your Body is a Wonderland” 2001. Gotta admit, I love this song.
27. EUROPE - “The Final Countdown” 1987. Don't really remember this one either, but it sounds shitty.
26. THE DOORS - “The End” 1967. Before my time.
25. PUFF DADDY FEAT. FAITH EVANS AND 112 “I’ll Be Missing You” 1997. Ok, I'm just too much of a stickler, but the line "Give anything to hear half your breath," really bothers me. What would half a breath do? And would hearing it really be enough? We know your point is that you wish Biggie was still alive, that's the whole point of the song, but that line is just dumb. And just quit messing with songs by the Police.
24. FIVE FOR FIGHTING - “Superman” 2000. I like this song in this weird remembering 9/11 way. If that makes any sense.
23. COREY HART - “Sunglasses At Night” 1984. At first I thought this was "My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades." But it's not. And this song sucks.
22. TOBY KEITH - “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)” 2002. I don't need to know this song to know that it sucks.
21. SPIN DOCTORS - “Two Princes” 1992. This was good pop stuff.

20. LIONEL RICHIE - “Dancing On The Ceiling” 1986. Lame-o.
19. MR. MISTER - “Broken Wings” 1985. Yeah, this belongs in the Top 20 Worst Songs Ever.
18. CHICAGO - “You’re the Inspiration” 1984. When I was a kid, I got this little casio keyboard, and it came with a little songbook, and this was one of the songs. So, I never really knew whether I just thought the songs sucked the way I played it, or if it really did suck all on it's own.
17. HAMMER - “Pumps and a Bump” 1994. Please Hammer, quit singing.
16. 4 NON BLONDES - “What’s Up?” 1993. Maybe if she quit whining, this song would suck less.
15. THE REMBRANDTS - “I’ll Be There For You” 1995. Oh c'mon, everyone liked that song. Except The Rembrandts, of course.
14. BETTE MIDLER - “From a Distance” 1990. I just always wondered if this was meant to be a religious song, or if it just sounds that way.
13. GENESIS - “Illegal Alien” 1983. I don't remember this particular song, but I've never liked Genesis.
12. THE BEACH BOYS - “Kokomo” 1988. Admit it, this song made you feel good. at least the first few times you heard it.
11. CLAY AIKEN - “Invisible” 2003. Clay Aiken sucks. And how in the world did people think he was attractive? Isn't being moderately attractive required for being an American Idol? I think they must've put subliminal messages in that American Idol show for people to think that this kid had anything going for him.

10. PAUL McCARTNEY AND STEVIE WONDER - “Ebony and Ivory” 1982. I was just a kid, but I thought this song was somewhat cool. But not cool enough to put in bold.
9. MADONNA - “American Life” 2003. I don't know this song other than that the video was controversial and possibly anti-Bush. Which is good, but doesn't make it a good song.
8. EDDIE MURPHY - “Party All the Time” 1985. I sort of remember this song, but I never realized it was Eddie Murphy. Like, Eddie Murphy the actor, right?.
7. BOBBY McFERRIN - “Don’t Worry Be Happy” 1988. Are these people opposed to happiness or what? I like the whole Jamaican sound. And it was impressive that the whole thing was a cappella. Quit picking on Bobby McFerrin.
6. HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS - “The Heart Of Rock & Roll” 1984. Wasn't this in a movie or something? Ghostbusters maybe?
5. VANILLA ICE - “Ice Ice Baby” 1990. This song rocked. We had a dance to it and everything. And this girl Jessica in my class did the dance the best. Man, was I jealous. Thank god for an anonymous blog so I can admit these embarrassing things. So, I'll admit another embarassing thing - the first time I heard Queen's "Under Pressure," I was mad that they had ripped-off Vanilla Ice. "Will it ever stop? Yo -- I don't know. Turn off the lights and I'll glow."
4. LIMPBIZKIT - “Rollin’” 2000.Not a great song, but a decent song for getting psyched for something. And you need songs like that. I just don't really like being told put my hands up, breathe in, breathe out. That makes it kind of weird. Quit bossing me, Limp.
3. WANG CHUNG - “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” 1986. Yup, loved this song in elementary school. Couldn't figure out what it meant to "wang chung," but loved it regardless.
2. BILLY RAY CYRUS - “Achy Breaky Heart” 1992. I'm just trying not to even think about this song, I'm that afraid it might get stuck in my head.
1. STARSHIP - “We Built This City” 1985. Yeah, I can see how this is the Worst Song Ever.

That took way longer than I thought it would. I've gotta go watch Tivo.

New Links

More blogs are linking to me...

From across the Pond and I respectfully dissent.

But I still need help getting my google ranking above all of the "blonde justice" porn. So do your part - link to me! In return I promise to be somewhat interesting and not too offensive. Thanks.

Training For What?

I've been busy with work - last week I went on a big trip to the big house and today I was in court all day.

Thus, I haven't felt like I've had too many interesting things to write about. So, I'll tell a little story that I've been saving for a while.

A few months back, my boyfriend and I were headed home, walking through the city, when he started complaining that he really need to use the bathroom. We discussed whether we should head to my office (which was a few blocks away), or try to find a public restroom - in a fast food joint, for example. We happened past a donut shop which looked rather clean. Small but clean. As we entered, we realized that despite looking small from the front, the back of the donut shop has a quite large seating area in the back. We head toward the back, looking for the restroom, when, what do we see?

Believe it or not...

An entire class of police recruits. Holding class (or some type of training) in the donut shop.

I kid you not.

(p.s. I found this photo when doing "research" for this blog post.)

Just Checking In

Haven't been around much. I'm in a trial advocacy class all weekend. And I've had some kind of party to go every night. Then when I get home from that, my very loud neighbor keeps me up.

Last night, though, I went to a Norwegian Independence Day (Syttende Mai) party. Uff Da!

While I'm gone, check out Thanks for the link!

On Being Proven Wrong

I didn't plan on this being a recount-my-day-as-a-lawyer kind of blog, but, too late, it's happening.

Remember how yesterday I wrote that I had a trial scheduled for today, but that the DA probably wouldn't be ready? (If you have a bad memory, just scroll down.)

This morning I get a call from the DA. He was ready for trial. Had an officer and everything. Oops.

It turned out ok, my client didn't bother to come to court, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Not exactly a good outcome, but it's better than having a trial without my client there.

And, (Socratic Method Time), why didn't we just have a trial without my client present? That's right, because he hadn't been given a Taylor warning, advising him that if he failed to appear for his trial, the trial could be held in his absence.

I have never tried a case without a client (and hope I'll never have to), but I assume the jury would wonder where the defendant is. Even if they're instructed to draw no inference, they'd wonder, right?

A law professor once told me that the recommended tactic is to say nothing throughout the trial so as to give your client an ineffective assistance of counsel claim.

Anyway, thankfully, I didn't have to try that case today. And it showed me that sometimes DAs do answer ready on the first trial date. Good to know.

In other news, Crunch 'n Munch has now replaced Cracker Jacks at Yankees Stadium. Not in the song, just in the food vending arena. This according to The New York Times > Yankees Cut Cracker Jack From Lineup. The Mets are sticking with Cracker Jacks - as if anyone cares.

And thanks to CrimLaw for the link. I'm still not showing up on google, so c'mon everybody, link to me. Thanks.

No Trial, But Check Out My Links

In case you're wondering, that trial that I thought might happen today, didn't. I have another one scheduled for tomorrow, but I highly doubt that one will happen either.

It seems that when trials are set in criminal court (at least where I practice), they never happen on the first trial date. It's as if that isn't even something to be considered. I don't know what the D.A's think that first trial date is for - I guess just a reason for my client to take a day off of work and come to court. Because, you know what they say, if you can't put them get someone convicted, at least make them lose their job. But that's a whole 'nother rant. Back to the first trial date.

Apparently, it's something that's just understood. For example, this would be a typical conversation in my office:
"How about Wednesday, could you work for me on Wednesday?"
"Well, I have a case on for trial."
"Is it the first time on for trial?"
"Ok, then you can do it."

So, anyway, no trial today. Probably no trial tomorrow either. But, I did update my "Blogs I Read" links.

Which leads me to my request. It seems that when you do a google search for "Blonde Justice" the results are all links to a porn movie of the same name. My understanding of google is that the way to correct that is to have more links pointing to my blog.

Here's my shameless self-promotion. Link to me, please. So that people find my blog instead of porn. Thanks.

Go Indians

People say that law school changes a person. After a semester of law school, when someone pisses you off, you'll think "Do I have grounds to sue?" When you see a wet floor in a grocery store, you'll always think "lawsuit." When you see someone get arrested, you'll think "Are this person's rights being violated?" (And, if you're like me, you'll think "How could I beat the charges?")

So, how has being a lawyer changed me? When I watch ESPN and there are baseball scores on the bottom of the screen, I always see "CLE" and think "Continuing Legal Education."

Laying Low

I'm on call today - I could be called into work at anytime. So, I need to keep a low profile.

So, what am I doing, at home on a Sunday, while I'm hiding out? Work, of course.

I'm preparing for a trial that *might* happen on Tuesday. A big, exciting jury trial. With witnesses and accusations and whatnot. Maybe even some impeachment, if I decide to get fancy.

That's right, I'm avoiding work to stay home and do work. How pathetic.

At least at home, we can order Cajun food for dinner. And I can work while I watch The Simpsons. Now, there's something I can't do in the courtroom.

Momma's Got a Brand New Blog

This is pretty exciting. Finally, my very own, very anonymous blog. Want to know who I am? It's a mystery...

I started an "About Me" page, but it's very sparse for now.

But for now, I'm just trying to get this up and running.

Enjoy! I know I will.

(Oh, and no, I'm not a Momma.)